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In this video we look at the installation of the Volquartsen SureStrike Firing Pin and the Volquartsen Exact Edge Extractor for the Smith and Wesson® M&P® 15-22.

Tired of light strikes or misfires on your M&P® 15-22? Our SureStrike Firing Pin will turn it back into the plinking machine you deserve.

Our Exact Edge Extractor for the Smith and Wesson® M&P® 15-22 is precisely that. The replacement extractor was manufactured through a EDM process to provide exact tolerances. The geometry has been changed to provide positive ejection every time. One geometry change was moving the hook .015" closer to the rim and changing the angle so that it grabs the spent casing with much more precision and control. The extractor is A2 Tool Steel and hardened to Rc 58~~60 so this extractor will not wear out or round over after years of use.

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