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TL Rear Sight for MKII, MKIII, and MK IV

TL Rear Sight
TL Rear Sight
TL Rear Sight for MKII, MKIII, and MK IV

Precision-machined to ensure accurate, repeatable click adjustments for windage and elevation. No fitting required. Uses factory dovetail and locks in place with two set screws. Made of steel. Rear sight notch width is 0.110".

Please note that rear sight height differs between our LLV and factory Ruger uppers so be sure to order the correct item.

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Product Number VC2TL
Approximate weight 1.5oz
UPC 810162011734


Type Factory Replacement
  • This replaces the rear sight on factory Ruger uppers. To replace the rear sight on a Volquartsen LLV, Scorpion, or Black Mamba, see this sight
  • This sight is only compatible with uppers with 0.875" bull barrels

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