Volthane Target Grips, MKIII, Right-Handed

MKIII one piece grips

Improve your shooting scores!

Its design featuring thumbrest, heelrest and finger grooves has been unchanged for nearly 30 years. Shooters constantly comment how well the grip feels and fits their hand.

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  • MKIII, Right-Handed


  • Thumbrest, heelrest and finger grooves gives the shooter more control of Ruger target pistols
  • One piece target grip for improved fit
  • Fits most hand sizes
  • Non-slip rubber with checkering
  • Made from extremely durable rubber which is not harmed by most oils and solvents
  • Includes extended bolt release
  • Socket head cap mounting screws included
  • Volthane Grips are not compatible with 22/45 frames
  • Includes extended magazine release
  • A one-piece grip for an improved fit over our older two-piece grip
  • Approximately 4oz
  • Product Number: VCRG‑3
  • UPC: 810162011574

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