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Shipping Restrictions

Volquartsen Custom does not make law enforcement or government exceptions for sales in states and/or municipalities where certain products are not allowed for purchase by the common citizen.

Due to the complexity and amount of the laws involved, it is not practical for us to fully understand the exemptions. Thus it is in our best interest to not make any sales that involve special exemptions to the law.

Are the compensators removeable?

Yes, all of our comps are threaded on using 1/2 x 28 TPI (right hand threads). We do our best to machine these compensators to give them the appearance that they are an integral part of the barrel.

How do you recommend cleaning the barrel?

We recommend a pull through type cleaning kit for all Volquartsen barrels. We always recommend breech to muzzle cleaning. Failure to do so with void any factory warranty.

Are the TG2000's adjustable?

The TG2000 trigger guards are adjustable for overtravel and pretravel but not for pull weight.

Can I install a 17 HMR barrel on a 10/22 Magnum?

We do not recommend this due to the difference in pressures between the 22 WMR and 17 HMR cartridges. We have seen both bulged cases as well as ruptured cases when attempting to do so.

Can I shoot 17 HM2 (Mach 2) through my 10/22 by simply changing the barrel?

No, a modified bolt is needed to shoot the HM2 in addition to the barrel. The HM2 has nearly twice the propellant as a conventional 22 LR cartridge requiring a different set up. Volquartsen will be offering a modified bolt/barrel combo for this exciting new cartridge.

Why won't my new 10/22 barrel fit into my receiver?

We cut our barrel shanks oversized by .0025" to give us a very tight fit into the factory receiver. This tight fit prevents the barrel from canting downward as the locking block is installed.

Are Volquartsen rifles built on existing actions?

No, we are CNC machining our receivers from a sold billet of stainless steel featuring threaded in barrels.

What type of ammo is recommended in the Volquartsen 22 Mag?

We have had very good results with both the Winchester Supreme 34 gr and the new Remington Premiere 33 gr V-Max. Also, both the CCI and the Winchester 40 gr ammos will work.

Will the 10/22® target hammer alone work with the 10/22® Magnum?

No, due to double the pressures generated by the 22WMR, we do not recommend installing the target hammer alone.

What 10/22® action parts are interchangeable with the 10/22® Magnum?

None, we are now offering a Mag Performance Kit that is designed to reduce the trigger pull down to 2.5lbs. This kit features all of the same parts as our 10/22 HP Action Kit but these are specifically designed for the 22 WMR. We also have the 10/22 Mag Ultra Match Hammer & Sear available.

Will the 10/22® extended magazine release work in the 10/22® Magnum?


Will the 10/22® automatic bolt release work in the 10/22® Magnum?


What barrels are available for the 10/22® Magnum?

We offer our complete line of THM tension barrels as well as heavy S.S. barrels set up for the 22 WMR.

What warranty to you offer?

Our warranty is available here

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