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No Excuse To Miss

Podcast Episode Archive

69. Competition & Gun Culture w/Josh Froelich

For individuals in the firearms community, we enjoy introducing new people to shooting and shooting sports. Josh Froelich joins Scott Volquartsen to discuss how being approachable, checking your ego at the door, and having fun on the range are key... read more

68. Empowering Women To Shoot w/Karen Butler & Christa Forrester

Shoot Like a Girl empowers women to participate in shooting sports with confidence. Karen Butler President of Shoot Like a Girl as well as Christa Forrester, Vice President join Scott Volquartsen to discuss the mission of Shoot Like A Girl, as well as... read more

67. Four Lessons Caught Not Taught

Scott Volquartsen is joined by Chad Wittrock to discuss the concept that many of the lessons we learn in life are caught, not taught. Scott looks back at the history of Volquartsen Firearms and identifies four lessons he believes were caught not... read more

66. Investing In Yourself w/Angela Bradford

Things happen for us, not too us. There's a reason this is Angela Bradford's favorite quote. Angela was diagnosed with MS several years ago. Since that time, Angela is not only surviving but thriving. She joins Scott Volquartsen to discuss the... read more

65. Finding Sustainability w/Jaime Schehr

It seems, as a culture, we like to live in the extremes. The "all-in" mentality. Maybe it's time to consider that sustainable results are found in the center? Scott Volquartsen is joined by Dr. Jaime Schehr to discuss common misconceptions when it... read more

64. Creating A Morning Routine

Do your mornings begin with feelings of overwhelm and anxiety? Are you constantly wondering if there are enough hours in the day to get everything done? Taking the time to set up a morning routine may help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that... read more

63. Black Friday & Gratitude

Scott Volquartsen is joined by Chad Wittrock to discuss Black Friday, SHOT Show, as well as the importance of practicing gratitude. Learn about Volquartsen's position on Black Friday, if there will be a booth at the 2023 SHOT Show, and how you can be... read more

62. Staying Fit To Hunt w/Jeff Bergholtz

Aging is inevitable, but contrary to popular belief we have a choice in how we age. Jeff Bergholtz joins Scott Volquartsen to discuss the importance of fitness and mobility as we get older. Jeff also dives into the connection between fitness and the... read more

61. Knowing Fear and Being Brave w/Tony Blauer

No fear vs know fear. Fear plays a role in all of our lives. After all, you can't be brave if you're not afraid. If fear goes unmanaged it can prevent us from reaching our potential. Tony Blauer has dedicated his life to not only understanding fear,... read more

60. Asking For Help w/Omar "Crispy" Avila

Personal struggles are inevitable as we move through life. A willingness to ask for help and conversely being of service to others, enables us to work through those tough times. Scott Volquartsen is joined by Purple Heart recipient Omar "Crispy" Avila... read more

59. How To Talk 2A w/Di & Ryan Muller

It's important to know why you believe what you believe. Scott Volquartsen is joined by Di and Ryan Muller to discuss the 2nd Amendment, making factual arguments, gun legislation, and the shooting sports. From founding the DC Project, testifying on... read more

58. What's the Difference?

When a shooter asks, what's the difference between your products and your competitor's, they're probably expecting a simple answer. While that would be easy to do, the answer is actually much deeper. Scott Volquartsen discusses the mindset and process... read more

57. How To Live Your Optimal Life w/Zamia Cohen

Stress is unavoidable. Prioritizing recovery - both mental and physical is incredibly important. Zamia Cohen, owner of Good Human Fitness, joins Scott Volquartsen to discuss some steps you can take to help reduce stress, optimize recovery, and begin... read more

56. Creating Your Own Luck w/Kenzie Fitzpatrick

"You're so lucky!" A phrase many of us hear time and time again, but is it really luck or something more? In this episode Kenzie Fitzpatrick joins Scott Volquartsen to discuss her passion for firearms, firearms instructing, as well as her marketing... read more

55. Service and Protection w/Bruce Cardenas

Bruce Cardenas has committed his life to serving others. From his days as a Marine, to the LAPD, private security, and even into his communications role at Quest Nutrition. Scott and Bruce discuss the importance of building relationships, networking,... read more

54. Q&A Session w/Scott Volquartsen

Scott took to Instagram and asked his followers if there were any questions he could field on the podcast. Joined by Volquartsen Marketing Director Chad Wittrock, Scott answers a few of his favorites. These include his start in the industry, his most... read more

53. Love, Loss, & Faith w/Alex Marinelli

Nicknamed "The Bull", Alex Marinelli is a 4-time All-American, 4-time Big 10 champion in what could be considered the toughest of all college sports - wrestling. Alex joins Scott Volquartsen to discuss his tragic story of love, loss and the power of... read more

52. The Art of Hand Engraving w/Melissa McMinn

In some ways, hand-engraving may seem like a lost art. However, with talented master engravers like Melissa McMinn hand-engraving will not only live on but advance. In this episode Melissa and Scott discuss the process of hand-engraving and where the... read more

51. Becoming An Alaskan Guide w/Caleb Stillians

How does a kid from Missouri end up being an Alaskan hunting guide? In this episode Caleb Stillians joins Scott Volquartsen to discuss being homeschooled in Missouri to making the journey to Alaska. Caleb dives into the many ways the Alaskan back... read more

50. The Price Of Admission w/Greg Walsh

From his beginnings in the NY hardcore and BMX scenes to his involvment in martial arts, Greg Walsh has always drawn inspiration from counter culture. He now applies his unique perspective to a revolutionary approach to kettle bell and mace training... read more

49. The Value of Coaching w/Ross Hillier

From fitness to business, having a coach can help us make progress faster and cut down the learning curves. Coach Ross Hillier joins Scott Volquartsen to discuss the value of coaching. They discuss the barriers to overcome when hiring a coach,... read more

48. Living Authentically w/Marisa LaRen

One of the keys to happiness and success is believing we deserve it. Athlete, painter, tattoo artist, and competitive shooter Marisa LaRen doesn't want to be put in a box. Marisa joins Scott Volquartsen to discuss her journey to living a truly... read more

47. Upcoming Events & Takeaways w/Scott Volquartsen

While technology is a great thing, it can't replace human interaction. In this episiode Scott Volquartsen is joined by Chad Wittrock to discuss the upcoming events Volquartsen Firearms will be involved in. Scott provides insights as well as takeaways... read more

46. Modeling, Marketing, & Maple Syrup w/Nikki Boxler

From modeling to marketing and maple syrup Nikki Boxler understands the value in doing things the right way. In this episode Nikki and Scott discuss sacrificing short term gain in favor of building long term relationships is the way to go. Nikki... read more

45. Coping with Tragedy w/Heather Hernandez

In this episode of No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott Volquartsen is back with Heather Hernandez to take a closer look on life when tragedy strikes. Going to college and excelling in her athletics, Heather received a call her freshman year of college... read more

44. Take The Small Steps w/Joshua Coburn

In this episode of No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott Volquartsen and Chad Wittrock speak to Joshua Coburn all about the importance of taking small steps when we feel that we have hit our rock bottom. Now the owner of the successful business Dissident... read more

43. On the Ropes w/Heather Hernandez

In this episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott Volquartsen speaks to the inspiring and motivational boxing trainer, Heather Hernandez. Scott and Heather kick off the episode by diving into Heather’s background as an athlete with an “all... read more

42. Nothing Left to Chance w/Mat Fraser

In this episode of No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott Volquartsen speaks to the “Fittest Man on Earth,” himself, Mat Fraser. Scott and Mat start the discussion by paying homage to Mat’s time in Olympic weightlifting training and how it was upended... read more

41. Living w/Intention w/Aaron Hinde

In this episode of No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott Volquartsen and Aaron Hinde start the discussion in the energy drinks industry and then charge into the empowering idea that how we react to life events determines the outcome we receive. Making the... read more

40. Common Scope Myths w/Michael Baccellieri

Very few individuals can command a range like Michael "Buck" Baccellieri. Buck discusses his teaching style and how the key to continuing to improve is being open to learning new things. Scott and Buck also get into some common myths regarding rifle... read more

39. Finding Freedom in Farming w/Logan Hanks

From machinist to farmer. In this episode Logan Hanks discusses returning to his roots as a farmer, launching a podcast, and not being afraid to dream big. He discusses how not starting is the quickest way to not succeed, and how we shouldn't ignore... read more

38. Evolution of Aftermarket Parts w/Scott Volquartsen

In this episode of No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott Volquartsen and Chad Wittrock discuss the evolution of the aftermarket parts industry. Seeing the company start in this field back in the day, Scott talks about the differences of how the market used... read more

37. Perspective & Ego w/Derek Woodske

In this episode of No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott welcomes Derek Woodske. The sports industry is the main topic of the conversation and Derek gives us a very thorough perspective on how to create results to stay relevant and active in this field,... read more

36. Breathing and Recovery w/Brian Peters

In this episode of No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Brian Peters clarifies the facts and myths about breathing, breathwork, and the importance of recovering for optimizing performance. With a NFL background, Brian is now a performance consultant of The Mind... read more

35. What Is WinterStrong w/Brandon Lilly

What is WinterStrong and why are events like this so important? Scott Volquartsen is joined by Brandon Lilly to discuss WinterStrong 4 which was held February 4-5. Brandon lends his insights into why connecting the outdoors, fitness, and firearms... read more

34. Leading a Flavor Cult w/Casey Bard

In this episode of No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Casey Bard talks about business, mindset, marketing, and how to build a brand. Casey dives deep into the do’s and dont’s of growing a business. More important than being able to... read more

33. The Gift of Adversity w/Marcus Aurelius Anderson

Marcus Aurelius Anderson is a Mindset Coach, author of “The Gift of Adversity”, TEDx Speaker, and host of Acta Non Verba Podcast. Marcus learned at a certain point of his life that adversity can make itself present unexpectedly, powerfully, and... read more

32. Professional Shooting w/Doug Koenig

Welcome to another episode of No Excuse to Miss Podcast! Today, Scott interviews Doug Koenig and they talk about the shooting world, the differences between the shooting industry today and how it was 30 years ago, and how Doug has been able to... read more

31. Gratitude w/Scott Volquartsen

We're jumping into 2022 with a look back at 2021. We couldn't help but look back with a sense of gratitude. Last year wasn't without its hurdles but we learned a lot and are excited to carry those lessons into this new year. We already have a few... read more

30. Small Steps Big Changes w/Brian Pannuzzo

In order to change (leaving behind who we are and start being who we want to be) we first need to have courage. Courage to take a leap of faith and leave the current job, courage to start making healthy choices in the kitchen, courage to dive... read more

29. Thriving on Competition w/Brady Speth

More than just preserving and expanding sales, a business is made from inspiring trust and confidence in its customers. People buying a specific product are also buying the team behind the product, the mission of the company, everything they... read more

28. Putting in the Work w/Don Varady

In this episode of No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott welcomes Don Varady. Don talks a lot about bodybuilding, how he started with bodybuilding, how he was able to overcome injuries, and how he sees the sport as of today. According to Don, bodybuilding... read more

27. Overcoming Complacency w/ Scott Volquartsen

It's good to have big visions of where we see ourselves and the direction we want to go, but it can seem daunting figuring out how to get there. Scott Volquartsen is joined by Chad Wittrock and they discuss how it's easy to fall into the trap known as... read more

26. Branding & Blades w/Brandon Horoho

In this episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott welcomes Brandon Horoho. Brandon shares a little bit of his past working with marketing, creativity work, branding, and photography. Even though paid marketing and advertising on social media is... read more

25. Being True To Yourself w/Katie Pavlich

In this episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott welcomes Katie Pavlich to talk about her background as a journalist, her thoughts about the digital era we are living in, the firearms industry, and her routine as a media personality who’s... read more

24. The Flip Flop Guy w/Andy Moeckel

So what exactly is the Flip Flop method? Find out in this episode as Scott Volquartsen sits down with Andy Moeckel, who is also known as the Flip Flop Guy. They discuss where this cooking style originated and how Andy has pioneered it into a business... read more

23. SHOT Show 2022 w/Scott Volquartsen

In this episode Scott and Chad talk about SHOT Show, their expectation for the upcoming events and the significance of this occasion to the whole industry. SHOT Show is currently the biggest event of its type in the world and is owned by National... read more

22. Being Present w/Valentina Shevchenko

Go beyond the octagon with Bullet Valentina Shevchenko, UFC Women's Flyweight Champion. She and Scott Volquartsen discuss how being present but aware of the future is such a critical part of her success. They look at how approaching everything with... read more

21. Competitive Shooting w/Kolby Pavlock

Welcome to this week’s episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast! This week you will listen to a conversation with Kolby Pavlock, who is a competitive shooter, working in partnership with Volquartsen Firearms. Here, he talks more in depth about this... read more

20. Sleep to Win w/Dr. Kirk Parsley

In this week’s episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott welcomes Dr. Kirk Parsley to discuss the importance of sleep to our health and overall productivity. Dr. Kirk gives us a little bit of his background working in the military and helping... read more

19. The Comfort Crisis w/Michael Easter

In this week’s episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott welcomes Michael Easter to talk about how the idea of being comfortable nowadays has changed the way we see our existence. In his book “Comfort Crisis”, Michael talks more in... read more

18. Firearms & Fighters w/Scott Volquartsen

In this week’s episode of No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott and Chad debrief a live event that took place a few weeks ago where they participated along with other companies. They highlight the importance of these events to gather the community... read more

17. Rimfire Revolution w/Michael Shea

In this week’s episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott welcomes Michael Shea to have a discussion about gun manufacturing, the industry of firearms and ammunition, and Michael’s new book “Rimfire Revolution.” Michael dives... read more

16. Food Lies w/Brian Sanders

Nutrition health is one of the main and most discussed topics in our society nowadays, especially in the past year and a half. Although being part of a trending debate, there is a lot of misinformation and incorrect facts out there about nutrition,... read more

15. Eat The Weak w/John Welbourn

In this new episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott welcomes former NFL player John Welbourn to talk about his career, his current work at Power Athlete, his motivations to getting into sports, and his approach with performance training. John... read more

14. The Business Of Bladesmithing w/Josh Smith

Join Scott in today’s episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast as he chats with Josh Smith. Josh is a Master Bladesmith and President of Montana Knife Company (), he saw an exponential growth in his business this past year and is excited to share... read more

13. Never Stop Learning w/Austin Weiss

There is no adversity in life that can overcome persistence. When we are determined to accomplish something and committed to make it happen no matter what; there is absolutely no obstacle life can throw at us that can get in the way. Persistence,... read more

12. Talking Shop w/Scott Volquartsen

In this exclusive episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott Volquartsen, President of Volquartsen Firearms is joined by Chad Wittrock, Director of Marketing at Volquartsen Firearms. They talk about the company’s product line by answering... read more

11. The Courage To Say Yes w/Tes Salb

Competitive shooting is an activity that requires not only concentration, but also a good fitness condition. With this concept in mind, it’s ideal to think that shooting and weight training complement each other and could possibly work together to... read more

10. The Power Of Choice w/Bo Sandoval

Performing a high level sport modality requires the knowledge and ability of combining skill set and strategy. When athletes already have the skills required to perform, the next step is finding someone to hold them accountable and guide them through... read more

09. The Cycle Of Action w/Cody Montgomery

Discipline is about taking action no matter what, getting a result from that action, being inspired to do it again, and then doing it again. This cycle of action and result is responsible for making people realize that achieving a goal is doable if... read more

08. Our Story w/ Scott Volquartsen

In this special episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott Volquartsen and Chad Wittrock talk about the history of Volquartsen Firearms and how the company has been expanding over the years. Scott shares some curious facts about the early stages... read more

07. Having Your Name On The Building w/Bert Sorin

Making a business successful is the result of two important factors: persistence to keep the business up despite the first obstacles and determination to lead the company to the future. It’s also fundamental to establish goals and to build a culture... read more

06. Becoming 22plinkster w/Dave Nash

Taking full responsibility for one's career is not for everyone. While entrepreneurship, in this case being a full time YouTuber, is the dream job for a lot of people; it definitely comes with risks attached. However, social media can be a very... read more

05. Living A Life Of Purpose w/Michael Desanti

Our world view is created from the stories we were told by our parents and mentors. These old narratives will remain true, unless we get a chance to challenge them. That can be the exact thing which prevents us from experiencing the most important... read more

04. The Unapologetic Approach w/Jason Vincent

In this episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott sits down with Jason Vincent, co-founder of Field Ethos. Today they talk about building a brand and maintaining brand relevance, while also spreading the right message with quality and... read more

03. Growing Our Community w/Liberte Austin

In this episode we sit down with . We discuss how she became involved in the firearms industry, why she's so passionate about teaching women to defend themselves, and the one thing she thinks all firearms owners are missing. Liberte is a firearms... read more

02. Making Positive Choices w/Brandon Lilly

In this episode learn how adversity and a shift in mindset has helped completely move his life in a new direction. You'll also find out his unique method to making positive daily choices. Brandon's story is one of infinite takeaways. Brandon Lilly is... read more

01. What to Expect w/Scott Volquartsen

In this episode Scott Volquartsen provides a quick overview on what to expect as we move forward with the No Excuse To Miss podcast.  read more
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