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No Excuse To Miss

Podcast Episode Archive

16. Food Lies w/ Brian Sanders

Nutrition health is one of the main and most discussed topics in our society nowadays, especially in the past year and a half. Although being part of a trending debate, there is a lot of misinformation and incorrect facts out there about nutrition,... read more

15. Eat The Weak w/ John Welbourn

In this new episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott welcomes former NFL player John Welbourn to talk about his career, his current work at Power Athlete, his motivations to getting into sports, and his approach with performance training. John... read more

14. The Business Of Bladesmithing w/ Josh Smith

Join Scott in today’s episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast as he chats with Josh Smith. Josh is a Master Bladesmith and President of Montana Knife Company (), he saw an exponential growth in his business this past year and is excited to share... read more

13. Never Stop Learning w/ Austin Weiss

There is no adversity in life that can overcome persistence. When we are determined to accomplish something and committed to make it happen no matter what; there is absolutely no obstacle life can throw at us that can get in the way. Persistence,... read more

12. Talking Shop w/ Scott Volquartsen

In this exclusive episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott Volquartsen, President of Volquartsen Firearms is joined by Chad Wittrock, Director of Marketing at Volquartsen Firearms. They talk about the company’s product line by answering... read more

11. The Courage To Say Yes w/ Tes Salb

Competitive shooting is an activity that requires not only concentration, but also a good fitness condition. With this concept in mind, it’s ideal to think that shooting and weight training complement each other and could possibly work together to... read more

10. The Power Of Choice w/ Bo Sandoval

Performing a high level sport modality requires the knowledge and ability of combining skill set and strategy. When athletes already have the skills required to perform, the next step is finding someone to hold them accountable and guide them through... read more

09. The Cycle Of Action w/ Cody Montgomery

Discipline is about taking action no matter what, getting a result from that action, being inspired to do it again, and then doing it again. This cycle of action and result is responsible for making people realize that achieving a goal is doable if... read more

08. Our Story w/ Scott Volquartsen

In this special episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott Volquartsen and Chad Wittrock talk about the history of Volquartsen Firearms and how the company has been expanding over the years. Scott shares some curious facts about the early stages... read more

07. Having Your Name On The Building w/ Bert Sorin

Making a business successful is the result of two important factors: persistence to keep the business up despite the first obstacles and determination to lead the company to the future. It’s also fundamental to establish goals and to build a culture... read more

06. Becoming 22plinkster w/ Dave Nash

Taking full responsibility for one's career is not for everyone. While entrepreneurship, in this case being a full time YouTuber, is the dream job for a lot of people; it definitely comes with risks attached. However, social media can be a very... read more

05. Living A Life Of Purpose w/ Michael Desanti

Our world view is created from the stories we were told by our parents and mentors. These old narratives will remain true, unless we get a chance to challenge them. That can be the exact thing which prevents us from experiencing the most important... read more

04. The Unapologetic Approach w/ Jason Vincent

In this episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott sits down with Jason Vincent, co-founder of Field Ethos. Today they talk about building a brand and maintaining brand relevance, while also spreading the right message with quality and... read more

03. Growing Our Community w/ Liberte Austin

In this episode we sit down with . We discuss how she became involved in the firearms industry, why she's so passionate about teaching women to defend themselves, and the one thing she thinks all firearms owners are missing. Liberte is a firearms... read more

02. Making Positive Choices w/ Brandon Lilly

In this episode learn how adversity and a shift in mindset has helped completely move his life in a new direction. You'll also find out his unique method to making positive daily choices. Brandon's story is one of infinite takeaways. Brandon Lilly is... read more

01. What to Expect w/ Scott Volquartsen

In this episode Scott Volquartsen provides a quick overview on what to expect as we move forward with the No Excuse To Miss podcast.  read more
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