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11. The Courage To Say Yes w/Tes Salb

Competitive shooting is an activity that requires not only concentration, but also a good fitness condition. With this concept in mind, it’s ideal to think that shooting and weight training complement each other and could possibly work together to achieve a certain goal. That is the idea that Tes Salb – Competitive Shooter, CrossFit athlete & Coach – shares with us today.

In this week’s episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott welcomes Tes to discuss her fitness journey, from becoming engaged in horseback riding, to following CrossFit, competitive shooting, and a more fitness based lifestyle in general. Tes talks about the importance of having family support when making choices, the rigid routines she had to follow to get better at competitive shooting, and how the sense of community is a valuable asset for people engaged in these types of sports.

Connect with Tes!

Instagram: @shoot_4_gold

Website: thetacticalgames.com

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Instagram: @scottvolquartsen | @volquartsen_firearms

E-mail us at: podcast@volquartsen.com

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