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17. Rimfire Revolution w/Michael Shea

In this week’s episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott welcomes Michael Shea to have a discussion about gun manufacturing, the industry of firearms and ammunition, and Michael’s new book “Rimfire Revolution.” Michael dives into his take on the gun industry, how it has evolved and become more accurate in recent years, and how the new product capabilities result in new possibilities.

“Rimfire Revolution” is a collection of information about rimfire weapons focusing on facts about their ammunition, accessories, and precise details. Michael shares his opinion on his own book, what inspired him to start this project in the first place, and how he sees the book as a service to the shooting community: providing “a complete guide” about rimfires. Michael also talks about his day to day life and his new writer routine.

Episode Resources

Amazon: Rimfire Revolution by Michael R. Shea

Gun Digest Store: Rimfire Revolution by Michael R. Shea

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Instagram: @michaelrshea

Website: campsite.bio/michaelrshea 

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