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20. Sleep to Win w/Dr. Kirk Parsley

In this week’s episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott welcomes Dr. Kirk Parsley to discuss the importance of sleep to our health and overall productivity. Dr. Kirk gives us a little bit of his background working in the military and helping guys to perform their best. By doing that, he was able to dive into the topic of sleep and, eventually, work in this area as a consultant.

Dr. Kirk elucidates the 4 pillars that most impact our health – sleep being the top 1 – and highlights how the stress levels we carry with us, our nutrition habits, and exercise programs play a major role in our routines. In addition, Dr. Kirk explains how several topics such as testosterone, alcohol intake, supplements, and sleep tracking devices influence our sleep and what realistic steps we can implement to make our sleep practice the best it can be. Tune in!

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Sleep to Win by Dr. Kirk Parsley

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