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21. Competitive Shooting w/Kolby Pavlock

Welcome to this week’s episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast! This week you will listen to a conversation with Kolby Pavlock, who is a competitive shooter, working in partnership with Volquartsen Firearms. Here, he talks more in depth about this sport, how to start working professionally as a sponsored shooter, how he visualizes competitive shooting in the future, and his opinion on what can be done today to turn this modality into a more viable profession tomorrow.

Kolby shares honest advice for new competitors, stating that in order to work professionally as a shooter you have to create consistency with the sport, practice a lot, and become part of the community…before even approaching an eventual sponsor or company. Despite being a very welcoming and gratifying sport, it is a tough one, so Kolby also talks about the preparation and rituals he performs before a big event. Tune in!

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