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04. The Unapologetic Approach w/Jason Vincent

In this episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott sits down with Jason Vincent, co-founder of Field Ethos. Today they talk about building a brand and maintaining brand relevance, while also spreading the right message with quality and consistency. Field Ethos is now a media-news digital journal whose main theme is the adventure world. Jason, among other things, talks about the future of the company and its upcoming projects.

Scott and Jason also discuss some of the news regarding NRA, a few topics about hunting, how to manage being homesick while doing it as a hobby, and their opinion about how the younger generation perceives outdoor hunting and outdoor activities. Jason explains how paternity is inserted into his lifestyle and how it changes the way he goes through experiences in life.

Connect with Jason!

Website: fieldethos.com

Instagram: @fieldethosjournal

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Instagram: @scottvolquartsen | @volquartsen_firearms

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