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05. Living A Life Of Purpose w/Michael Desanti

Our world view is created from the stories we were told by our parents and mentors. These old narratives will remain true, unless we get a chance to challenge them. That can be the exact thing which prevents us from experiencing the most important process of life: the changing process


In this episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott has a conversation with Michael Desanti, author of “New Man Emerging”, to discuss how we can interrupt these narratives and truly live life according to our terms. In order to change, to grow as human beings, and to be fulfilled, these narratives need to be defied and the first step to accomplish this is through awareness.


Episode Resources

New Man Emerging: An Awakening Man's Guide to Living a Life of Purpose, Passion, Freedom & Fulfillment by Michael Desanti

Connect with Michael!

Website: newmanemerging.com

Connect with Scott!

Instagram: @scottvolquartsen | @volquartsen_firearms

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