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42. Nothing Left to Chance w/Mat Fraser

In this episode of No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott Volquartsen speaks to the “Fittest Man on Earth,” himself, Mat Fraser. Scott and Mat start the discussion by paying homage to Mat’s time in Olympic weightlifting training and how it was upended by an intense back injury. Not letting this stop him, Mat explains how adversity fueled him to recover and instilled in him the “not leaving anything to ‘What if?’” attitude that propelled him into a successful career of Crossfit competition.

With an empowering sense of self-awareness fueling him, Mat further discusses how retiring from Crossfit competition led to a transition in business that was project-filled to keep his idle hands busy. That same mantra of “leaving nothing to chance” followed him in business and created the customer experience for the launch of “Hard Work Pays Off” (HWPO). Mat and Scott round out the conversation reflecting on the idea that in business, we strive for progress over perfection, emphasizing the idea that there is always something to make better.

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Instagram: @mathewfras | @hwpotraining

Website: https://www.hwpotraining.com/

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