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43. On the Ropes w/Heather Hernandez

In this episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott Volquartsen speaks to the inspiring and motivational boxing trainer, Heather Hernandez. Scott and Heather kick off the episode by diving into Heather’s background as an athlete with an “all in” mentality. Although she played sports throughout her collegiate career, boxing is something she found a passion for after college. Being told she was a natural, Heather was even invited to train for Olympic boxing. However, what every athlete seems to fear happened– Heather suffered a career-ending injury. Having her “all in” attitude ingrained in her for so long, her injury did not keep her down, but rather propelled her into the next chapter of her life– coaching others. Scott and Heather further the discussion by hitting on business ideas that value individuality. When putting people first in business Heather says, “the way you interact with people can get you much further than a degree and a piece of paper.” Heather adds to the conversation by sharing her thoughts on how the pandemic has shaped her gym and coaching business, how her injuries have affected her interactions with clients, and how the mental side of recovery is just as important as the physical. Scott and Heather wrap up the conversation by speaking about the future and Heather even launching a podcast of her own.

Connect with Heather! Instagram: @heatherhernandez.lv

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