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44. Take The Small Steps w/Joshua Coburn

In this episode of No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott Volquartsen and Chad Wittrock speak to Joshua Coburn all about the importance of taking small steps when we feel that we have hit our rock bottom. Now the owner of the successful business Dissident Cigars, Joshua discusses that this success was born from hitting his own low point and coming to the decision of taking responsibility for his life and all that came with it– the good and the bad.

Using his “small steps” approach in business as well as life, Joshua makes the point that business should maintain awareness of pop culture in order to stay relevant and reach the appropriate audience. The conversation deepens as Chad, Scott, and Joshua discuss that success in business depends on staying aware of change in the industry. This segues into Joshua’s journey with his family and moving from the U.S. to Nicaragua. Being cigar enthusiasts, Joshua and his wife took the opportunity to invest in Dissident Cigars. Noting the importance of focus, Joshua emphasizes that being able to focus is key in managing time with family and balancing that with business. 

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