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Scorpion 22 WMR Pistol

Mag Scorpion with comp, hi-viz sights, green grips

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Scorpion 22 WMR Pistol

The Scorpion chambered in 22 WMR is the next progression for our Scorpion line of pistols.

Why 22 WMR?

The Scorpion 22 LR has proven itself in regard to performance in both accuracy and reliability but for certain applications shooters are looking for a little more in the way of ballistics than what can be found in 22 LR. The 22 WMR provides increased muzzle velocity, more energy but maintains the same level of performance you’ve come to expect from a Volquartsen Scorpion. This gun is a new breed of hunting pistol for small game and varmint.

Click here to see a video showcasing our unique magazine design.


  • Includes 2 magazines
  • 9-round magazine capacity
  • 6-inch barrel
  • Not for sale to New York or California
  • Made in the USA
  • This item must ship to an FFL dealer.

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