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Volthane MK IV Grips on pistol
MK IV Pistol with Volthane Grips Volthane MK IV Grips on pistol


The Black Mamba-TF (formerly the Habu) combines the features of the Volquartsen Scorpion 22 LR pistol with the push-button takedown functionality of the Ruger® MK IV™ standard aluminum frame complete with Volquartsen’s signature Volthane Grip.

The Black Mamba-TF features the Volquartsen LLV Competition Upper designed with a stainless steel barrel, laser hardened stainless steel breech, and housed in an aluminum shroud. This design provides match grade accuracy in a lightweight package. Available in a 4.5" or 6" barrel length. The integral Picatinny rail on top and bottom is standard.

The Volquartsen Competition Bolt with DLC coating ensures smooth operation and functioning whether it's a day of plinking at the range or competing at the highest level.

The Black Mamba-TF build utilizes a Ruger® MK IV™ standard aluminum frame that has been retrofitted with the Volquartsen Accurizing Kit providing a crisp, clean 2.25 lb. trigger pull. The frame is outfitted with Volquartsen’s Volthane grip, designed to give the shooter more control. This unique grip design features an aggressive no-slip diamond checkering. Made from a proprietary material, the Volthane Grip will withstand the elements as well as hold up to moisture, gun oils, and cleaners.

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