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Lifestyle Videos

Thin Air | Deep Water - WinterStrong 2022 Highlights

In February of 2022 we had the privilege to join the Sorinex team for their 4th annual WinterStrong event in South Carolina.

IV8888 Range Day 2022

We traveled to Martin, GA for the 10th Annual IV8888 Range Day!

Why I Shoot 22 - Kolby Pavlock

Kolby Pavlock gives us some quick insight into why he enjoys shooting 22 LR.

GunCon 2022 Range Day

Head to the range with the Volquartsen team for day one of GunCon 2022.

Underseat Storage For Your Volquartsen Firearms

Volquartsen Firearms visits DeeZee Truck Accessories. DeeZee is another incredible Iowa based manufacturer.

2022 World Speed Shooting Championships

In April of 2022 Team Volquartsen traveled to Talladega, AL to compete in the 2022 Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships.

2021 Rimfire World Championships

Team Volquartsen highlights from the 2021 RCSA Rimfire Challenge World Championships.

Custom Summit Rifle Build

Kolby Pavlock breaks down his custom Volquartsen Summit rifle build.

The VT2 Takedown Rifle

The VT2 Takedown rifle is perfect for a hunting trip or stowed away with your gear during your next adventure.

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