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Product Information Videos

Ordering A Non-Threaded Model

What if you don't want or can't have a threaded muzzle? Chad and Victor cover the options and how to order a non-threaded model.

Competition Bolt for the M&P 15-22

Our Competition Bolt for the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 will eliminate function issues so you can spend more time shooting.

TG2000 & TGS - What's the Difference?

The differences between our TG2000 and TGS Trigger Groups.

The VM-22 Semi-Auto 22 LR Rifle

One of our most popular configurations! The VM-22 is not only extremely accurate but also very lightweight and versatile.

The Summit Rifle In 22 WMR & 17 HMR

The Summit rifle is now available in both 17 HMR and 22 WMR calibers.

The Mini Scorpion

Our most compact Scorpion package features an overall length of approximately 8" and weighs only 1 lb 12 oz.

TG2000 Rapid Release Overview

The TG2000 Rapid Release is a magazine release that allows you to change magazines quickly while maintaining your grip on your rifle.

Volquartsen 22 LR Rifle w/ Open Sights

This rifle is designed for every shooter!

Open Sight Lightweight Carbon Fiber Barrel

An overview of our Open Sight Lightweight Carbon Fiber Barrel for the 10/22®.

Choosing Your Stock

Kolby Pavlock covers the basic things you should consider when choosing a stock.

VF-Oryx Rifle in 22 WMR or 17 HMR

The VF-ORYX rifle is available in 22 WMR and 17 HMR.

Mamba-X + Meprolight MicroRDS Configuration

A Bass Pro Shops® & Cabelas® exclusive configuration!

The Classic 22 Pistol

The Classic Pistol will remind you of classic pistols of years gone by, but with upgraded performance and reliability.

The Summit Bolt Action - How Does It Work?

Kolby Pavlock discusses how our unique straight-pull toggle bolt-action works and when you might want to choose this action over a semi-auto

Upgrading Your Ruger® MK IV™

Are you considering some upgrades to your Ruger® MK IV™, but aren't sure where to start? Kolby Pavlock discusses some of the common upgrades.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Barrel

We are taking the "best of both worlds" idea to the next level with the Lightweight Carbon Fiber Barrel.

Upgrading Your 10/22® - Where To Begin?

Are you considering some upgrades to your 10/22®, but aren't sure where to start?

Raptor Laminated Stock

The Raptor stock features a lower cheek-piece to allow you to get down as low as possible on the rifle.

Which Pistol Magazine Do I Need?

A common question we receive is which Ruger® MK series pistol magazine do I need for my pistol?

ENV-HMR Overview

Kolby Pavlock does a quick overview of the ENV-HMR.

Scorpion-X Pistol Overview

Kolby Pavlock does a quick overview of the Scorpion-X pistol configurations.

Which Pistol Is Right For You?

Kolby discusses the many similarities as well as the differences between the common Black Mamba and the Scorpion models.

VT2 Takedown Rifle Overview

Utilizing a unique button and lever combination, the VT2 requires no tools, no twisting, and no tightening.

Lightweight Barrel for the M&P 15-22 Pistol

Our Lightweight Barrel for the S&W M&P® 15-22 pistol sets the standard for what a lightweight barrel should be.

Learn More About The ENVs w/Katie Pavlich

Scott Volquartsen and Katie Pavlich discuss the features of the ENV 22 LR pistol configurations.

A Closer Look At The VF-ORYX

We take a closer look at the VF-ORYX 22 LR rifle. The VF-ORYX is the ultimate precision semi-auto 22 LR.

How To Remove And Reinstall Pistol Compensators

We look at how to utilize leverage with your comp wrench to remove or reinstall the compensator on your Black Mamba, Scorpion, or LLV pi

Utilizing The Breakthrough® Clean Line of Products

Let's take a look at the Breakthrough® Clean line of products that are now available at volquartsen.com.

Features of the Volquartsen Magazine Base Pads for the Ruger® MK IV™

Here we take a look at the Volquartsen Magazine Base Pads for the Ruger® MK IV™ and Black Mamba-TF.

22Plinkster Discusses the Summit Rifle

Watch as 22Plinkster sends some rounds downrange with the Summit straight-pull bolt action rifle.

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