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Accurizing Kit for the Ruger MK IV Pistol

The complete drop-in kit comes complete with our CNC Machined Disconnector, Target Hammer, Hammer Bushing, Target Sear, Target Trigger with plunger and spring. It also comes with pretravel and overtravel adjustments and includes medium strength Loctite to secure the adjustment screws.

The Accurizing Kit for the Ruger MK IV will provide a crisp, clean 2.25lb trigger pull. This kit will eliminate the magazine disconnect.

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Product Number VC4AK
Approximate weight 1oz
UPC 810162014407


Trigger Upgrade Black Trigger
  • Trigger is black anodized aluminum
  • Kit fits all variations of the Ruger MK IV (including 22/45 and 22/45 Lite)
  • Hammer and Sear are wire EDM Cut from A2 Tool Steel
  • Includes Allen wrenches
  • Made in the USA

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