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Volquartsen News

Gold Trigger

Gold Target Triggers Available Now!

2021-07-24 by Scott Volquartsen
There are only a select few trends that stand the test of time and one could make an argument that gold is one of those. This holds true for watches, jewelry, and yes even firearms...or in this case firearm parts. TiN coated Bolts and Triggers now available for the Ruger MK series of pistols.

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22plinster No Excuse To Miss

22Plinkster - Taking A Chance On Yourself

2021-07-16 by Chad Wittrock
It’s easy to see where somebody is now and say “it must be nice” but there’s always more to the story. It’s all the time spent working for little or no money, the hours spent when nobody is watching, and that willingness to take a chance on yourself and Dave’s story is no different.

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Another Option for the Ruger® MK IV™

2021-07-07 by Chad Wittrock

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Bolt tune up kit

I Was Skeptical

2021-06-25 by Chad Wittrock
Can a couple of small parts really make a difference in how your firearm functions? Definitely.

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Mamba TF Journal

Success or Fulfillment?

2021-06-17 by Chad Wittrock
In life we often think it is success that we are searching for, when in fact, it could actually be fulfillment that truly makes us happy. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking success. However, many times we link success to money or other tangible accomplishments that we can measure. Fulfillment is something completely different and something not easily quantified.

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Preview of: Installation of the HP Action Kit and HP Action Kit Plus

Improve The Trigger Pull On Your 10/22™

2021-06-10 by Chad Wittrock
Our HP Action Kit is the ultimate high performance upgrade for your factory 10/22™ trigger group. This kit will reduce the trigger pull of your 10/22™ to 2.25 - 2.5 lb.

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No Excuse To Miss

The No Excuse To Miss Podcast

2021-06-03 by Chad Wittrock
The one thing I am always grateful for is the incredible relationships I have been fortunate enough to build over my 25+ years in the firearms industry. For me, it's this part of the industry that often goes overlooked - the stories that are told over dinner and a beer. There are so many incredible stories that we can all learn from. It's for this reason that I decided to start the No Excuse To Miss podcast.

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Pistol Case Shop Now

Upgrade Your Pistol Case!

2021-05-26 by Chad Wittrock
Our new custom Nanuk 915 Premium Pistol Cases are fitted with custom CNC-Machined XLPE foam inserts from Guard Dog Foam Inserts. The XLPE foam XLPE foam ensures that no water or oils are absorbed by the foam. These foam inserts are designed specifically for the Volquartsen Black Mamba and Scorpion target pistols.

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Preview of: Laser Hardening In Action

No Detail Can Be Overlooked!

2021-05-22 by Chad Wittrock
Believe me, we want to be able to ship orders as fast as they come in. However, it's more important to us we ship you a product made to the best of our ability. To reduce lead times we are currently adding equipment, team members, and being as resourceful as we can. I am confident we will begin to see improvement sooner than later.

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Target Hammer for the Ruger® PC Carbine™ and PC Charger™

2021-05-13 by Chad Wittrock
If you're looking to reduce the trigger pull weight and improve overall trigger pull on your Ruger® PC Carbine™ or PC Charger™, this Target Hammer is a must have!

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