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Volquartsen News

Volquartsen Team 2023

2024 | Our 50th Year In Business

2023-12-29 by Chad Wittrock
As we prepare for 2024, our 50th year in business, I've been spending a lot of time looking back at what we have done right, where we have failed, and most importantly, how we can use this to improve moving forward.

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Katie Pavlich Mini Mamba 2023

Defense of an Enduring Principle

2023-12-19 by Chad Wittrock
They say if you’re born in America, you’ve won the lottery of life. One quick look around the world — and even a trip to Canada or Europe—confirms this is true.

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Christmas Arctic Camo Mamba

Full Blown, Four Alarm Holiday Emergency?

2023-12-18 by Chad Wittrock
Finding yourself in the middle of a full blown, four alarm holiday emergency? It doesn't have to be!

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Accurizing Kit MK IV frame

An Idea Born Out Of Necessity

2023-12-15 by Chad Wittrock
As we approach our 50th year in business, it has brought back a lot of memories and stories. One, in particular, makes me laugh as the first time I was made aware of Dad's idea for aftermarket trigger parts...

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2023 Holiday Bundle Wide

Need Gift Ideas?

2023-12-12 by Chad Wittrock
We're getting down to those final (or, if you're like me, the first couple) shopping days of the holiday season. I wanted to help by offering a few last minute gift ideas.

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Preview of: Katie Pavlich Builds A Mini Mamba

Let's Rewind

2023-12-01 by Chad Wittrock
As the year is winding down, we wanted to kick off December by sharing a few of our favorite experiences from 2023. Take a look!

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ENV-HMR Ammo cropped

ENV Pistols Are In Stock!

2023-11-27 by Chad Wittrock
All ENV pistol models are in stock and ready to ship, with or without the brace!

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Volquartsen HQ November 2023

Gratitude Is More Than A Buzzword

2023-11-22 by Chad Wittrock
Gratitude is a term that gets thrown around a lot lately. It is the latest buzzword, and almost to the point, it's lost some of its true meaning.

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2023 Holiday Bundle Wide

Our Holiday Bundle Is Here

2023-11-21 by Chad Wittrock
The Volquartsen Holiday bundle is the perfect gift.

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Black Friday 2021

Black Friday 2023

2023-11-17 by Chad Wittrock
A few years back, we decided it had become too much. We aren't a discount brand and weren't willing to sacrifice quality to fit into the madness.

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