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Volquartsen News

UFC Range Day Kolby

It Can Become Addicting

2021-09-24 by Chad Wittrock
It took only three strings and the sound of ringing steel on a single stage for that quote to be repeated throughout the day. The reaction was exactly what we were looking for when we initially thought of organizing the UFC Range Day event. We were able to partner with several other companies within our industry to provide a day of learning but ultimately a day of fun!

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Are you ready to take your S&W SW22 Victory up a notch?

2021-09-16 by Scott Volquartsen
The S&W SW22 Victory is a great pistol that's a ton of fun to shoot but we are able to take it one step further with both our I-Fluted Stainless Steel and Lightweight Carbon Fiber barrels.

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Principles of Precision Shirt Front

Principles of Precision Never Change

2021-09-02 by Scott Volquartsen
"The Principles of Precision Never Change...simply the theatre in which you employ." -Brady Cervantes Each position of precision, be it in an aspect of life or a critical skill needs to be or have at least three basic things to it; Needs to be solid, Needs to be stable, Needs to be durable.

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Let's Talk Carbon Fiber Barrels

2021-08-26 by Chad Wittrock
We get a lot of questions regarding our Lightweight Carbon Fiber barrels. How do they work? What sets them apart from other carbon fiber barrels? This week, in episode 12 of the No Excuse To Miss podcast we talk shop and discuss in depth our Lightweight Carbon Fiber barrels.

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Takedown Charger Barrel, Black Ends

Lightweight Barrel for Ruger Charger Takedown

2021-08-20 by Scott Volquartsen
Our Lightweight Carbon Fiber Barrel has a new platform and this time its for the Ruger Charger Takedown model. The Lightweight Barrel for the Ruger Charger Takedown features a tension barrel design with laser hardened breech giving the best performance, durability, and accuracy available in a lightweight configuration.

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TG2000 Group Photo

International Ordering Made Simple

2021-08-11 by Scott Volquartsen
We have big news for all of our international customers. Up until now, it has always been difficult to ship our products outside of the United States. Fortunately, due to changes in our export regulations, this process has become easier.

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Courtney Brandon Christmas at the range

Who Is Today's Gun Owner?

2021-08-05 by Chad Wittrock

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Highlighted extractor

Frustrated By Failure To Extract?

2021-07-30 by Chad Wittrock
Nothing can ruin a fun day of shooting faster than having to repeatedly clear spent casings that have stovepiped. Yes, the Exact Edge Extractor is a relatively small and inexpensive part, however given the number of questions we receive on this part shows how important it is.

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Gold Trigger

Gold Target Triggers Available Now!

2021-07-24 by Scott Volquartsen
There are only a select few trends that stand the test of time and one could make an argument that gold is one of those. This holds true for watches, jewelry, and yes even firearms...or in this case firearm parts. TiN coated Bolts and Triggers now available for the Ruger MK series of pistols.

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22plinster No Excuse To Miss

22Plinkster - Taking A Chance On Yourself

2021-07-16 by Chad Wittrock
It’s easy to see where somebody is now and say “it must be nice” but there’s always more to the story. It’s all the time spent working for little or no money, the hours spent when nobody is watching, and that willingness to take a chance on yourself and Dave’s story is no different.

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