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Volquartsen News

VM-22 IV8888

This August, Let's Go Shooting

2023-08-04 by Chad Wittrock
For individuals in the firearms community, we enjoy introducing new people to shooting and shooting sports

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Preview of: Upgrading Your Ruger® MK IV™

Upgrades That Make An Impact!

2023-08-02 by Chad Wittrock
Improved trigger pull, better performance, and elimination of the magazine disconnect all from one kit.

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Cleaning Your Compensator

2023-07-27 by Chad Wittrock
This is one area, especially when shooting rimfire, where cleaning more often is better. You will notice the more often you clean your compensator, the easier it is to clean.

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Rapid Release lifestyle 01

TG2000 Rapid Release

2023-07-24 by Chad Wittrock
We're excited to release our TG2000 Rapid Release. The TG2000 Rapid Release allows you to change magazines quickly while maintaining your grip on your rifle.

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Mamba-X Stump

Maintaining Your Firearms

2023-07-21 by Chad Wittrock
Your time is valuable, and we know you don't want to spend any more time than necessary maintaining your firearms. We keep this in mind as we build all of our firearms.

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VF457EE_lifestyle_202306 02

Extractor and Holder for the CZ 457

2023-07-17 by Chad Wittrock
Engineered to deliver reliable extraction, ensuring smooth and consistent ejection of spent casings.

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IF-5 WinterStrong 2023 Crop

Where Do I Start?

2023-07-14 by Chad Wittrock
Where do I start when looking to build out my pistol or rifle?

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Bret Open Sight Rifle

NEW! Open Sight Lightweight Carbon Fiber Barrel

2023-07-10 by Chad Wittrock
Introducing our Lightweight Barrel with Open Sights, it features an XS Ghost Ring Rear (ID .191") with a Williams Gun Sights fiber optic front sight (.060" diameter available in red or green).

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Preview of: Katie Pavlich Builds A Mini Mamba

Katie Pavlich Builds A Mini Mamba

2023-07-06 by Chad Wittrock
Katie Pavlich visits our facilities in Carroll, Iowa to build her own Mini Mamba.

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old photo

We Are All Influencers

2023-06-29 by Chad Wittrock
Over recent years the term "influencer" has taken on a whole new meaning.

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