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Volquartsen News

Preview of: Range Sessions with Scott Volquartsen Part 6/7 - The Joys Of Competition

Range Sessions, Part Six

2020-06-26 by Chad Wittrock
Brandon Lilly and Christmas Abbott square off against Bert Sorin and Sportswoman Courtney for this incredibly fun range game that you and your friends can easily try. They will be shooting our 4.5" Camo Black Mamba 22 LR pistol.

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Pay Attention To The Small Details

2020-06-24 by Scott Volquartsen
For many competitors it's standard practice to function check their firearms, double check round count making sure they have plenty of ammo, and stock up on cleaning supplies and equipment. A little extra match prep can go a long way in eliminating potential issues at your next match! So whether you are a top level shooter or just enjoy the recreational aspect of rimfire matches, let's all get out and have fun the next time that local match is held!

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Free Shipping On Retail Orders

2020-06-22 by Chad Wittrock

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Make Plans To Get Outside

2020-06-19 by Chad Wittrock
Is it just me or does it seem more father-son or father-daughter memories are made in the outdoors? Whether it be hunting, camping, hiking, shooting, fishing, boating, a combination of those or something completely different the one thing I becomes more clear to me as I get older is the memories that are made, the stories that are retold, often come from time spent outdoors!

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Increase Your Odds of Victory

2020-06-15 by Chad Wittrock
Increase accuracy and reliability with these simple upgrades for your Smith & Wesson® SW22 Victory®

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Preview of: Range Sessions with Scott Volquartsen Part 5/7 featuring Christmas Abbott

Range Sessions, Part Five

2020-06-12 by Chad Wittrock
In Part 5 of Range Sessions we are joined by business owner, competitor, and reality tv star Christmas Abbott.

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Which Parts Are Compatible with the Thompson/Center® T/CR22®?

2020-06-09 by Chad Wittrock

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TG2000 Group Photo

Make It Fun To Pull The Trigger!

2020-06-08 by Joe Francis

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Habu is now the Mamba-TF

2020-06-05 by Scott Volquartsen
We will be changing the Habu name to Mabma-TF with the TF simply referring to the target frame. We feel this more easily aligns the pistol with what it is.

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Preview of: Range Sessions with Scott Volquartsen Part 4/7 featuring Brandon Lilly

Range Session, Part Four

2020-05-29 by Chad Wittrock
In part 4 of Range Sessions we are joined by communications guru, community builder, podcaster, and outdoor enthusiast Brandon Lilly.

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