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Volquartsen News


A look back on the decade

2019-12-30 by Scott Volquartsen
Yes, I know it sounds cliché but time flies when you're having fun! As I reflect on this past decade, I realize how much has happened and changed not only at Volquartsen Firearms but in our industry as a whole. There's so much to cover it would be impossible to do in one email but for me a few of the highlights:

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22Plinkster Discusses the Black Mamba Pistol

2019-12-27 by Chad Wittrock
Renowned trick shooter, YouTube personality, and .22 expert, 22Plinkster discusses the features of the Volquartsen Black Mamba 22 LR pistol. The Black Mamba combines features from the Volquartsen Scorpion 22 LR Pistol along with the push-button takedown functionality of the Ruger MK IV platform.

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Need It Shipped By Christmas?

2019-12-17 by Chad Wittrock
Don't worry there's still time. With our expedited shipping option we can make sure that [last minute gift idea]( is shipped by Christmas. You can even choose to have it wrapped at no extra charge! Simply select the gift wrapping option under "Extras" on the Check Out page. This option also makes it much easier to say, "Santa brought it!"

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MK IV Magazine Springs - 2 Pack

A Quick Fix for your Feeding Issue

2019-12-12 by Scott Volquartsen
The SureFeed Magazine Follower Spring for the Ruger MK IV is 25% stronger than the factory spring. The increased spring rate improves feeding in all Ruger MK IV magazines. The SureFeed Magazine Follower Spring will eliminate feeding issues caused by the round either being stuck or slow to feed from the magazine.

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1522 ammo side by side

SureStrike Firing Pin Now Available for the 15-22!

2019-11-14 by Scott Volquartsen
The "dreaded click" - it could happen during your fastest string of the day or it could happen on that fifth shot of that one-hole group you're shooting - either way, hearing the hammer drop and nothing more is aggravation at its finest.

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Accurizing Kit for MKIII, Black

Do you own a Ruger MKIII?

2019-11-12 by Scott Volquartsen
Here's your chance to save on the all variations of our [Accurizing Kit for the Ruger MKIII](

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Are you having fun at the range?

2019-11-08 by Scott Volquartsen
Do you remember your first shooting experience? Was it as a young kid with a parent, grandparent, or an older sibling? Or maybe you have just recently been introduced to shooting?

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10/22 Competition Bolt

Clearance Page Updated and Discounted!

2019-10-23 by Scott Volquartsen
If you haven't visited our [Clearance Page]( lately be sure and check it out as additional products have been added. As an added bonus, order any clearance item now through midnight on Sunday, October 27 and receive an additional 20% off!

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Happy 10/22 Day!

2019-10-21 by Chad Wittrock
We're excited to kick off 10/22 with some new apparel offerings. We have a new "Built Better" t-shirt available in black or navy frost. In addition, there’s a new "Built Better" long sleeve tee available in black and indigo blue - just in time for fall!

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2019 Rimfire Challenge World Championships

2019-10-16 by Chad Wittrock
When the times were tallied, Team Volquartsen shooter Nate Gibson was at the top of the podium overall with a total time of 191.92 in the open division. Teammates Cole Busch and Kobly Pavlock were not far behind with times of 196.72 and 201.18 respectively.

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