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Volquartsen News

IF-5 22 WMR Blue Laminated Stock

Isn't that overkill? It's just a rimfire.

2023-06-15 by Chad Wittrock
As an avid hunter and target shooter, Dad wanted more than what he could buy from the factory.

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Alex Zedra VT2

VT2 Takedown Rifles - In Stock!

2023-06-12 by Chad Wittrock
VT2 Takedown Rifles in both the 22 WMR/17 HMR combo and 22 LR are in stock!

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Preview of: What's In Your Range Bag?

Packing Up That Range Bag

2023-06-08 by Chad Wittrock
What necessities do you need to include when you're packing up that range bag?

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870 extractor

Upgrades For The Remington Owner!

2023-06-05 by Chad Wittrock
Check out our complete line of parts available for these Remington firearms.

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Kaleb Klein 2023 World Speed

Legitimate Reason or Excuse For Failure?

2023-06-02 by Chad Wittrock
Is it a legitimate reason, or is it an excuse in case of failure?

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new hammer bushing 05-2023 02

Hammer & Hammer Bushing Combo for the Ruger MK IV

2023-05-30 by Chad Wittrock
Say goodbye to your magazine disconnect with this parts combo.

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Shari Grandpa Memorial Day B

Every Memorial Day Morning

2023-05-25 by Chad Wittrock
Memorial Day weekend carries a different meaning than any other weekend of the year. It reminds us of a debt we cannot repay to the brave Americans who paid the highest price for their commitment to freedom.

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IF-5 with Brown Sporter Stock

These Rifle Configurations Are In Stock

2023-05-23 by Chad Wittrock
We currently have these stainless steel barrel semi-automatic rifle configurations in stock!

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Preview of: Quick Tips - A Drill For Finding The Dot

A Drill For Finding The Dot

2023-05-19 by Chad Wittrock
Check out this drill to improve speed and performance from a red dot.

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Preview of: Upgrading Your 10/22® - Where To Begin?

Building Your Dream 22

2023-05-15 by Chad Wittrock
Our complete line of 10/22® parts offers everything you need to build your dream 22 rifle.

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