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Cleaning Scorpion

How to maintain your premium firearms

2018-08-23 by Scott Volquartsen
Taking Care of Your Firearms "How do I take care of my new firearm?" This is something we are asked on a daily basis and I can relate. Anytime I invest in a premium product, I take any and all precautions to keep it in "like new" condition. At the same time, like most of you, if I purchase something ...

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Brandon Lilly with Battleworn IF-5

Battleworn IF-5

2018-08-02 by Scott Volquartsen
Battleworn IF-5 As a firearms owner, you're not a stranger to compromise. Functionality, performance, and style all come into consideration when looking at that next firearm. You probably have a collection of firearms ranging from those that look so good you never want to shoot to your "truck gun" that you aren't afraid to get a few scratches on. It's ...

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Shooting Month promo


2018-07-12 by Scott Volquartsen
#letsgoshooting August is National Shooting Sports Month! For the entire month, we plan to share photos from our customers and followers that celebrate the passion we all have for target shooting. Our goal is to raise awareness while proudly encouraging shooting and shooting sports as a positive, safe, family-friendly pastime that is enjoyed by millions of Americans. National Shooting Sports ...

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Ruger MK IV Banner

Another Option for the Ruger MK IV

2018-06-21 by Scott Volquartsen
Trigger Kits for the Ruger MK IV If you purchase parts advertised as "drop-in" you are probably not expecting to have to stone, polish or do any further gunsmithing type work to the parts. We completely agree with this as we want your experience installing these parts to be as simple and straightforward as they can be. For this reason, ...

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Scorpion Holster has Arrived!

2018-06-11 by Scott Volquartsen
Scorpion Holster has Arrived! "The pistol is great but where can I find a holster for it?" The Scorpion 22 LR Pistol has proven itself in the field, on the range, and as the rimfire pistol that champions shoot … BUT … our customers tell us as great as the pistol performs there is still something missing. It is no ...

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Single Port Compensator

2018-06-07 by Scott Volquartsen
Single Port Compensator "Do you have an easier way to clean my compensator?" A lot of us like to shoot our pistols compensated. Whether it be for rimfire steel open shooting or just plinking in the backyard, the less recoil the better. Even on a 22 LR pistol. The only drawback to a muzzle break or compensator on a 22 ...

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team photo 2017 worlds

Do you shoot steel?

2018-05-17 by Scott Volquartsen

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MK IV Bedding Gel - Installed

Bedding kit for a pistol?

2018-05-11 by Scott Volquartsen

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Come See Us

2018-04-30 by Scott Volquartsen
Come visit us at NRA Annual Meetings We are looking forward to the [NRA Annual Meetings](( in Dallas May 4-6. If you are planning on attending stop by and visit us in Booth #2520. In addition to being able to see and handle our firearms and place an order at show special pricing, we will have several brand ambassador and ...

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Urban Camo Scorpion

Urban Camo Scorpion Exclusively at Davidson's

2018-04-09 by Scott Volquartsen
Urban Camo Scorpion We have teamed up with Davidson's Gallery of Guns for this exclusive offer - the Urban Camo Scorpion. The Urban Camo Scorpion package leaves nothing on the table. As with all of our Scorpion 22 LR Target Pistols, it features our VC Target Frame, Competition Bolt, stainless steel match barrel, and an integral Picatinny Rail. In addition ...

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