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Volquartsen News

Preview of: Laser Hardening In Action

No Detail Can Be Overlooked!

2021-05-22 by Chad Wittrock
Believe me, we want to be able to ship orders as fast as they come in. However, it's more important to us we ship you a product made to the best of our ability. To reduce lead times we are currently adding equipment, team members, and being as resourceful as we can. I am confident we will begin to see improvement sooner than later.

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Target Hammer for the Ruger® PC Carbine™ and PC Charger™

2021-05-13 by Chad Wittrock
If you're looking to reduce the trigger pull weight and improve overall trigger pull on your Ruger® PC Carbine™ or PC Charger™, this Target Hammer is a must have!

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Introducing the VF-ORYX 22 LR

2021-05-07 by Scott Volquartsen
The VF-ORYX combines our snake fluted barreled action with the ORYX Chassis from MDT making it the perfect long range 22!

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Tom's Business Card

Happy Birthday, Tom!

2021-04-30 by Scott Volquartsen
One question we always get is where did we get started? The answer many times will surprise people. Dad began in the basement of a rented home back in 1974. At that time, it was known as Tom's Gun Bluing Shop. Dad excelled at bluing but it was more than that back then. His business also included repairs and all-around gunsmithing, which would serve him well in later years as our business evolved into full-scale manufacturing.

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Black Mamba X Full

The LLV-4X Upper from Volquartsen

2021-04-20 by Chad Wittrock
The new Mamba-X and Mamba-TFX pistol configurations utilize our new LLV-4X upper which has multiple hole mounting locations allowing for a variety of popular red dots to be mounted directly to the top of the upper.

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MK IV 22/45 Extended Bolt Release

New Product Alert for the Ruger® MK IV™ 22/45™!

2021-04-19 by Scott Volquartsen
The Extended Bolt Release for the Ruger® MK IV™ 22/45™ CNC-machined from 416 stainless and extends .050" further than the factory release. This .050" extension combined with the improved ergonomic flat design of this release is an improvement that every target shooter is looking for.

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Preview of: Meet Team Volquartsen - 2021 Season

Have You Met Team Volquartsen?

2021-04-14 by Chad Wittrock
In this video we sit down with a few members of Team Volquartsen, our competitive shooting team. We learn what competing means to them, what the community around competitive shooting is like, and why they choose Volquartsen.

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Preview of: Using Leverage To Remove And Reinstall Compensator

How to Remove and Reinstall Your Compensator

2021-04-08 by Chad Wittrock
Whether you are looking to clean your compensator or want to temporarily remove it to install a suppressor, if you own a Scorpion, Black Mamba, or our LLV upper you will at some point need to know how to remove the compensator. It's a straightforward process however we do still receive questions from customers not wanting to risk any sort of damage to their pistol.

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Preview of: Assembly of the TG2000 Trigger Group

How to Reassemble the TG2000

2021-04-02 by Scott Volquartsen
This video will guide you through reassembly of the TG2000 trigger group and get you back on the range.

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Preview of: Utilizing The Breakthrough Clean Line of Products

How often do you clean a 22 LR?

2021-03-24 by Chad Wittrock
Most rimfires have a bad rap that they need to be kept in pristine condition in order to function properly. When in fact, we have found most shooters overclean their rimfires!

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