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Volquartsen News

VC4HSK Install Pic

New Product Alert - Hammer and Sear Kit for the Ruger MK IV 22/45

2019-07-13 by Scott Volquartsen
Hammer & Sear for the Ruger MK IV 22/45 Do you own a Ruger MK IV 22/45? If so, is the trigger pull as crisp, clean and as light as you would like it? If not, we can help. In addition to our Accurizing Kit and our Pistol Competition Kit for the Ruger MK IV, we are excited to offer ...

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Black Mamba vs Scorpion

2019-07-11 by Scott Volquartsen
Black Mamba vs Scorpion Black Mamba or Scorpion? This seems to be the question everybody is asking. The good news is there is no wrong answer! So why would you choose one over the other? First, let's take a look at what the two have in common: Stainless steel match barrel with a stainless steel breech - The stainless steel ...

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Limited Edition Rifles Now Available!

2019-06-25 by Chad Wittrock
Limited Edition Rifles Now Available The Second Amendment has always been a part of my family. It isn't simply a right I choose to exercise, protected by the Constitution and God, it's part of who I am as a person and who we are as a country. It represent the independence, responsibility, and rugged individualism we pride ourselves on as ...

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Back for a limited time only!

2019-06-09 by Scott Volquartsen
Back for a limited time only Cheyenne Dalton with her USA Scorpion featuring the Gold Competition Bolt What do rimfire world champions Kolby Pavlock, KC Eusebio, Cole Busch, and Cheyenne Dalton all have in common? The Competition Bolt, featuring a DLC coating, is a staple in all of their 22 LR Target Pistols. They may have differing opinions on grip ...

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We had to prove him wrong.

2019-06-05 by Scott Volquartsen
Don't Sleep on the 22 WMR Cartridge "You are never going to get it to shoot accurately and furthermore you'll never get it to function!" It has been more than 20 years but I remember it almost like it was yesterday. It was SHOT Show 1997 and in passing had mentioned to an "industry guy" that we were working on ...

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Kolby WSSC

Dare to be Different!

2019-05-28 by Scott Volquartsen
Dare to be Different Kolby Pavlock competing at the World Steel Shoot Championship I recently heard somebody say "live life through the lens of possibility not probability" and it resonated with me. As a company, we are always trying to overcome what others say can't be done. In an effort to go faster rimfire rifle steel shooters are always looking ...

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This Weekend We Remember

2019-05-25 by Chad Wittrock

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Why You Should Be Competing This Summer!

2019-05-16 by Chad Wittrock
Why You Should Be Competing This Summer "I need a little more practice." "I need to wait until I am in a position to buy that new pistol." If you are waiting for the perfect time to try something new you'll be waiting for a long time. We tell ourselves excuses of why now isn't the right time but far ...

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Customize your S&W Victory

2019-05-07 by Scott Volquartsen
Customize your S&W Victory While discussing the NRAAM with our team last week, I realized we had quite a few inquires regarding our line of S&W Victory parts. After all, the S&W Victory 22 LR is a great pistol that's a ton of fun to shoot. Lets take a minute to look at a few of the upgrades we offer ...

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Recoil Buffer

Redesigned for the Ruger 10/22

2019-05-01 by Scott Volquartsen
Fixing it when it's not broken You've always been told "if it's not broke, don't fix it!" I disagree - what good ever comes from standing around being complacent? Our mantra is "build it better" and as I have discussed before this applies to each and every part we manufacture. Our Recoil Buffer for the 10/22 is no different. We ...

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