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Volquartsen News

Davidsons SHOT display

Just In Time For The Holidays!

2020-11-20 by Scott Volquartsen
We're excited to announce Gallery of Guns is now carrying some of our most popular aftermarket parts including our Accurizing Kit and Competition Bolt for the Ruger® MK IV™ as well as our TG2000 Trigger Group. For the past 25 years, Davidsons's has focused primarily on carrying our firearms and, on several occasions, specific exclusive models. These products are in stock and ready to ship in time for the holidays!

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Preview of: Why I Shoot 22 with Sportswoman Courtney

Why I Shoot 22 with Sportswoman Courtney

2020-11-06 by Chad Wittrock
Here at Volquartsen, we are passionate about not only the nostalgia behind the 22 LR round but its everyday practical applications as well. You could probably say we're even a little biased. On that note, we wanted to reach out to some of our friends and find out why they enjoy shooting 22. This video is the first in what will be an on going quick clips series on why we shoot 22s.

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Safety Power Spring

New! Safety Power Spring for the Ruger® MK IV™

2020-10-26 by Chad Wittrock
The easiest way to address this issue is the Safety Power Spring. Our Safety Power Spring increases the force required when going from from "fire" to "safe." This increase will prevent that frustrating unintentional engaging of the safety while firing.

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A Tough Decision

2020-10-20 by Scott Volquartsen
We have made the difficult decision to not proceed with the manufacturing of our 17 WSM Summit rifle. This decision has not come easy. Believe me, we did everything within our abilities to get these rifles to perform up to our standards and expectations. We have invested a lot of time and money in an effort to avoid this outcome.

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Scott on the Range

The Power of Being Present

2020-10-16 by Scott Volquartsen
Your heart rate has quickened. It feels like it's ready to beat out of your chest. You catch the smell of powder in the breeze and wonder if the windage has changed...

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Battleworn Mamba-TF

NIB Battleworn® One Of Our Most Popular Finishes!

2020-10-01 by Chad Wittrock
The NIB Battleworn® finish continues to be one of the most popular finishes we offer. Given its appearance, combined with the surface enhancements this finish offers, it's easy to see why it's so popular.

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Bolt release and hammer pack

Two Quick & Easy Upgrades For Your 10/22®

2020-09-19 by Scott Volquartsen
It's incredible to see how far the 10/22 market has come. Unfortunately, with that comes one downside - part compatibility between manufacturers. The Auto Bolt Release is no different. There are two common issues we have found that will prevent it from operating as it should. If you're experiencing issues, here are two quick things to check:

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Preview of: Range Sessions with Scott Volquartsen Part 7/7 The Roundtable Recap

Range Sessions - The Roundtable Recap

2020-09-02 by Chad Wittrock
In Part 7 of Range Sessions we bring our guests (Sportswoman Courtney, Christmas Abbott, Bert Sorin, and Brandon Lilly) to the roundtable for an insightful recap of their range day experiences. They discuss performance, lessons learned, and the value of spending time together.

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This Is What Makes Champions

2020-08-28 by Chad Wittrock
What separates good from great, champion from runner-up, or Hall of Fame career from just being a flash in the pan? It's easy to point at the tangible things like God-given talent, luck, the right equipment, but many times there is an intangible that nobody talks about...

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Fix This Common Issue In Minutes

2020-08-24 by Chad Wittrock
Unfortunately on the Ruger® MK IV™, heavy use can cause the Bolt Stop Cross Pin to work its way out and cause malfunctions. Our V-Lock Retainer is a simple fix to prevent this issue from ruining your family fun day at the range.

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