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Volquartsen News

VF-Oryx 22 WMR Concrete

VF-ORYX Rifle Now Available In 22 WMR and 17 HMR

2023-03-28 by Chad Wittrock
The VF-ORYX rifle is now available in 22 WMR and 17 HMR.

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Trigger Upgrade Kit Table

Trigger Upgrade Kit for 10/22

2023-03-22 by Chad Wittrock
Our Trigger Upgrade will provide a smooth 2.5 lb - 2.75 lb trigger pull on your 10/22 or 22 Charger.

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High Performance Bolt with Upper

High Performance RugerĀ® Pistol Bolt

2023-03-16 by Chad Wittrock
This High Performance Pistol Bolt is an upgraded Ruger pistol bolt!

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Episode 69 - Josh Froelich

Competition & Gun Culture

2023-02-22 by Chad Wittrock
For individuals in the firearms community, we enjoy introducing new people to shooting and shooting sports.

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Matte Black Classic Pistol

In Stock & Ready To Ship Firearms!

2023-01-31 by Chad Wittrock
I'm excited to let you know, we currently have a unique configuration in-stock and ready to ship!

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Last Remaining TG9 Trigger Groups

2023-01-25 by Chad Wittrock
Our last remaining TG9 Trigger Groups are available at a discounted price!

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Downrange Seasoning Tacticalories Collaboration

Downrange Seasoning Blend Has Arrived!

2023-01-18 by Chad Wittrock
Downrange Cajun Blackening Seasoning has arrived! We're big fans of what the crew over at Tacticalories has been doing to bring sauces and seasonings to another level.

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Marty VT2 Takedown 22 LR

NEW! VT2 Takedown Rifle 22 LR

2023-01-12 by Chad Wittrock
We are excited to announce our VT2 Takedown Rifle is now available to order in 22 LR.

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Volquartsen Exterior Snow

What Time Has Taught Me About Criticism

2023-01-01 by Chad Wittrock
Before diving into the New Year's festivities, I always try to audit the year.

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Katie Pavlich VT2

The American Shooting Tradition

2022-12-18 by Chad Wittrock
Over the decades and propelled by the Second Amendment, the company has taken that unwavering persistence and used it not only to build perfect firearms...

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